Private Pilot Strategy Pivot

I have had a fantastic time doing my Private Pilot training at John Wayne Airport. I have to thank my instructors at OCFC and at Royal Aviation. I’m looking forward to getting back into the air again. My primary motivation now is to finish the rest of my training as cheaply as possible. This means that I am changing airports, airplanes, instructors, and now I am headed toward finishing with the Pacific Coast Flyers flying club at KCRQ – Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA.

Before I show up, I am going to have to start to memorize the V-speeds and operating limitations of my next training aircraft. I anticipate being able to fly their Cessna 150, which means that I’m going to head on over to and order Cessna 150 Aircraft Information Manual for the 1970 Cessna 150-K. I’m glad I found their manuals there because under my new flying ACAP (as cheaply as possible), policy – their price is definitely more affordable for these manuals. I spent nearly $50 for the 172 K version of the manual at some other aviation website.

I am thrilled that I was able to get so much experience flying out of John Wayne. Landing next to commercial airlines, and avoiding wake turbulence are valuable skills. The John Wayne traffic pattern has specialized operating procedures. The downside to flying there is that just about everything is more expensive. Fuel, for example can be more than $1 per gallon more than at the nearby Riverside airport.

I’m looking forward to joining a flying club, and possibly also participating in the civil air patrol chapter of Orange County. The flying club offers a ton of opportunities to go on trips with other pilots and fly a wide variety of aircraft.

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